“Nude, Utah, 2018”

I went to a workshop in eastern Utah last spring with two models.  One of them was a beautiful young woman named Celina.
Here are some photos of her.
I really don’t have much more to say than that.  Sometimes, photographs simply have to be allowed to speak for themselves.


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“Support,” Venice, 2017

Venice is a city of many visual splendors:  Piazza San Marco, the Galleria della Accademia, countless narrow streets, elegant piazzas and quiet canals.  Naturally, however, Venice’s grandest sight is the great waterway that curves its way through the middle of it all – the Grand Canal.
The city on the water was in its usual splendor when I visited there in June of 2017, but there was something additional to be seen on the Grand Canal at that time. Reaching out to the Ca’Sagredo Hotel were a pair of giant hands rising out of the water.
Designed by artist Lorenzo Quinn (son of actor Anthony Quinn), this artwork installation was called “Support” and was meant to show the hands supporting the building, which – like the rest of the city – is at risk from rising waters, especially due to global warming.  The supporting hands, as I have read, were meant to show what people can do to prevent such things from happening.
As to this photo, I could have tried to make a closer image showing just the hands with the building, but as I saw this traghetto – a gondola used to ferry passengers from one side of the canal to the other, on which people frequently stand – just leaving to cross the water, I decided to go with this wider view to include the gondola and give the photo a greater sense of scale and a greater human element.
Let us hope that this magnificent place, “La Serenissima” – the Most Serene Republic- will remain with us for many more years to come.
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The Mosque of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, 2017

One of the most notable buildings in Cairo – perhaps THE most notable – is the Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha located in The Citadel.  It was built primarily between 1830 and 1848, and though located in Egypt, it was built in the Turkish Ottoman style.
For those who don’t know, the Muhammad Ali for which this mosque is named is not the American boxer originally named Cassius Clay, but rather the 19th Century Ottoman ruler of Egypt who was born in Greece to an Albanian family.  He is considered to be the founder of modern Egypt and had the mosque built in memory of his deceased eldest son.

I visited this grand building on my trip to Egypt in 2017.  While most people visit Egypt to see its famed antiquities, this seems to be the one relatively modern building that people are taken to see – and deservedly so.
It is an elegant building, made of limestone but also with alabaster in its lower reaches, with beautiful columns and very fine metalwork.   Cairo has some of the finest Islamic buildings in the world (several of which I visited and photographed on my trip to Egypt in 2018), and while this particular mosque was not built in the native Egyptian style, it is nonetheless a site to be see and admired.

To follow up on Muhammad Ali, when I was in Alexandria, Egypt, last year, the hotel room two doors down from mine had a plaque on it, as some doors did, to indicate a famous former occupant.  The name on the plaque was “Muhammad Ali Clay.”  I guess that’s one way to distinguish the older one from the newer one.

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Sitting on Top of the World

Lhasa, Tibet, 2016

I began looking yesterday through the photos from Tibet that I made during my trip to China in the summer of 2016.  I had visited Tibet previously for two weeks in 2007, and though this more recent trip only took us to Tibet’s capital city, Lhasa, for just three days, it was still nice to be back to the place known as “the roof of the world.”
As I saw when I was there the first time, Lhasa is in many ways just another big Chinese city.  Yet, the spiritual heart of Tibetan Buddhism remains, though always under the watchful eye of the Communist authorities.
On my first full day in Lhasa on this recent trip, I could have gone with other people in my group to climb up the many steps to the Potala Palace – the home of the Dalai Lama before he fled to India in 1959 – but as I had not felt well the day before (which included spending eight hours on an airplane for a two hour flight), I decided to take it easy instead and went for a walk on my own in the vicinity of the Potala.
The first part of my walk took me down a more modern street which housed a lot of shops dedicated to repairing and selling motorcycles and motorbikes.  This particular scene, in the photo above, struck me as being interesting, with the woman on the left looking very modern, wearing earphones connected to a digital music device, and the older man on the right holding a Tibetan prayer wheel on his lap with his right hand resting upon it.  The photo shows a bit of the dichotomy that exists between traditional and modern Tibet.

I continued my walk by heading to a Buddhist temple that was not too far away.  On the way, I passed this man (in the second photo) who was sitting and chanting what I imagine were Buddhist prayers.  Behind him are paintings of Buddhist figures.
While I suppose that the coming of the modern world is inevitable, it’s nice to see that traditional scenes of devotion like this still exist.
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In Print: Elle Beth

So, we have once again come to the beginning of January, so I wish a happy new year to all of you.
As always, the new year is a time of great expectation when we wonder what lays ahead during the next 12 months.  For some photographers, those can be questions like:  Will my work be exhibited?  Will my work be published?  What opportunities will I have to photograph, and will anything worthwhile come of them?
When it comes to publications, I do have one piece of good news to report:  some of my photos will be included in the special edition devoted to model Elle Beth to be published this month by Model Society.
I had admired Elle’s portfolio for some time, so I was grateful to have had the chance to work with this stunning young woman from England when I visited London in the summer of 2017.  I photographed her at an artist’s residence in East London for several hours and returned home with many fine photographs from the day.
I had thought of submitting some photographs to Model Society for inclusion in its publication, but I had never gotten around to doing so.  Therefore, it was a nice surprise when, after I had posted some photos of Elle Beth on the website, David Bolt of Model Society wrote to me, asking if I could submit the photos for the upcoming special edition devoted to her.   As the issue was mostly laid out, he could not guarantee that my work would be included, so I was again happy when he wrote to me telling me that not only was my work included, but that it would be up front accompanying the words that Elle had written about herself.
So, as you might expect, I am excited to have my work included in this issue and look forward to seeing it, both as a PDF and in print.  I’ve been told that it includes the work of 23 photographers and will be over 100 pages.  For now, if you’d like to see a preview, please click here.
I will be posting my own photos of Elle Beth sometime soon.
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“Untitled Nude, 2018”

I worked with the model Sienna Hayes this past August.  We had corresponded with each other for a while, trying to arrange a photo session together, and finally her schedule aligned with mine and we were able to set something up on a visit she made here to New York.

Location is always a problem for me, but we were able to get out early on a weekday to a local beach before too many people arrived.  I had considered using this place as a location for photos for a while, but this was the first time that I had actually done so.  It’s not a very large place, but it seems to be workable if one gets out early enough and the tide isn’t too high.

Here are a few of the photos from that morning.
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Dedicated to Donald

Pinocchio, San Gimignano, Italy, 2017

Here’s a photo that I made in Italy last year in the medieval Tuscan hill town of San Gimignano.   It’s a depiction, of course, of Carlo Collodi’s famous fictional character, Pinocchio, whose nose would grow longer every time he told a lie.
I am dedicating this post to another frequent liar, Donald Trump, whose nose – if he were like Pinocchio (and if he were looking up) – would be close to piercing the stratosphere right about now for all of the many lies that he has told these past two years.  (Do you think that the moon, or even Mars, are in reach?)
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Studio Nude, 2018

Autumn is the busiest time of the year for me, it seems.   It’s the busiest time of the year at my office, which has me working overtime – both evenings and weekends – and there are other events to attend, but I’ve also been away for a few weekends, too, doing things.
Still, I finally had some time for myself this long holiday weekend and was able to find the time to scan some new photos to make a new post here.
As far as my art nude photography goes, during the colder months of the year, I am basically restricted to working in my living room studio set-up.  This is a very limiting place to work – some tungsten lights plus a quartz light, with a couple of soft backdrops.  The most limiting part of it, though, is the limited space in which to work.  I sometimes ask myself why I still do this, as I don’t know how much more I can do that’s any different from the photos that I’ve made there already.

Despite that, last month I photographed Catarina during her visit to New York.  On my previous sessions here, I had used a gray backdrop with a couple of lights, but this time I decided to go more basic, with one light and a black backdrop.
Here are a few photos from that session that I recently scanned.  Despite the limitations inherent in the setting, I like them.

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More Falling Water

Nude, Iceland, 2014

I see that it’s been over a month since my last blog post.  Where has the time gone?
Well, my last post was an anniversary post, which is the longest one of the year that takes a lot of time to put together,  so I normally leave it at the top for a while longer than others.  Then there’s the fact that I was away for a while visiting family, which took time away from my photography.
As valid as those reasons may be, they’re minor.  The primary reason that I have not written for a while is that, quite honestly, I just haven’t felt focused lately and it’s been hard to just sit down and concentrate on doing something.  It’s not just blog writing, either.  I have loads of negatives – recent and going back years – that are just crying out to be scanned, but I haven’t felt like scanning many of them, either.
So, now that the summer is officially over and the days are growing shorter, the fall arts season is beginning and I’m starting to go to the lectures and events that mostly ended when summer began.  Hopefully that will put a bit of a fire under me and get me to be more active with my photographic editing and writing (along with other things).

As for the two photos you see here now, I’m picking up again with my trip Iceland with Nadine Stevens and Zoe West.  I last posted about us heading back west toward the Reykjavik, and these photos were made along the way.  There’s a large, very famous waterfall not too far from the one seen here, but most people don’t know about this one so hardly anybody seems to go there.
The top photo, with Nadine standing quite literally behind the waterfall, was a bit difficult to get as my proximity to the fall kept getting me and (more importantly) my camera wet from the spray.  I took a number of photos of Nadine in this spot, and before each exposure, I would have to take out a handkerchief to wipe the water off of the front of the lens – a process that I would have to repeat for each frame.
There’s also a photo of Nadine and Zoe together in front of the fall.
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23 Years

Untitled Nude, 1995

So, here we are on the 19th of August, which – this year – is the 23rd anniversary of my first art nude photographs, which were made at a workshop in Woodstock, New York on August 19, 1995.
As I’ve done every year since my 15th anniversary in 2010, I’m making a post which includes one photograph from each calendar year that I’ve been creating art nude photographs.
For this year, I haven’t done too much.  I attended a weekend workshop in Utah in April and I photographed another model last month, so far – though I am trying to arrange to do some more work for the remainder of the year.
Let’s see what happens.  For now, please enjoy these.

Untitled Nude, 1996


New Mexico Nude, 1997

New Mexico Nude, 1998


Untitled Nude, 1999


Nude, Provence, 2000


Nude, Colorado, 2001


Untitled Nude, 2002


Nude, Nevada, 2003


Nude, Scotland, 2004


Nude, Arizona, 2005


Studio Nude, 2006


Nude, California, 2007


Nude, California, 2008


Studio Nude, 2009


Studio Nude, 2010


Studio Nude, 2011


Nude, New Brunswick, 2012


Nude, Iceland, 2013


Nude, Iceland, 2014


Nude, Vermont, 2015


Untitled Nude, 2016


Nude, England, 2017


Nude, Utah, 2018



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