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“I Don’t Be-lieve It!”

Readers of this blog may know that I’m a big fan of the British science fiction show “Doctor Who.” The lead character, the Doctor – a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey – is one of my two heroes of … Continue reading

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Of Maiko and Geiko (Not Men)

The geisha is probably one of the best known symbols of Japan here in the western world. A painted woman who is the gateway to illicit and forbidden pleasures. If that’s what most westerners think, then most westerners are wrong. … Continue reading

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Behind The Mask – And Through It

About a week and a half back, I posted (here) a photo of Nettie R. Harris wearing one of the masks that I bought in Venice. Here, as promised, is the follow-up. That photo was a straightforward image of Nettie … Continue reading

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St. Merrique

I wrote last time that I would be having a model staying with me for a few days. That model was the lovely St. Merrique. She spent several days modeling here in New York, and on her final morning here … Continue reading

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Behind The Mask

My posting tonight will be a quick one. The photo here depicts a young woman wearing one of the papier mache masks that I bought last year in Venice, Italy. The woman behind the mask is Nettie R. Harris. I’ve … Continue reading

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Revielle and Ophidian

I spent most of last weeking trying to adjust back to New York time following my recent return home form Japan. I’ve heard it said that one requires one day for each hour of change in time zones to return … Continue reading

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