My New Book of Photographs

In the summer of 2015, I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my first art nude photo session.   Since then, I’ve been wanting to publish a book of my figure work.  I had actually thought of doing so before, but I figured that a 20 year retrospective would be a nice thing to put together.
Well, I finally did it.  I saw that Blurb had a 40% off sale this weekend, but it only applied to one’s own books.  Still, that was enough to get me to finish the book, which I had already begun working on.  However, as the sale didn’t apply to others, and as I wanted to produce the book in a smaller size, I wasn’t in a hurry to announce it to the world.
That all changed today.  Staying home because of the snowstorm here in New York, I saw that for TODAY ONLY Blurb is having a 25% off sale that applies to all books, thanks to it being Pi (3.14) Day.  So, I spent my day preparing the smaller editions and finishing off the larger ones.
You can see the book on my Blurb page here, or just do a search on my name in Blurb.
About the book itself, it’s called “Figures of Grace:  20 Years of Art Nude Photography.”  It has 150 pages with 145 black & white photographs of my art nude work.  It’s available in two sizes: 11 x 13 inches and 8 x 10 inches.  Each size has two editions with different paper:  Premium Lustre (good) and ProLine Pearl (best).
Why make four different versions available?  Simply stated, selling (or should I say, buying) books on Blurb is expensive. We all know that.  Just the cost of printing is very high, even before adding a profit margin – and I have tried to keep mine fairly low.  Therefore, if people are really interested in my work and in buying a copy, I want them to have several different prices as options.
So, how much is it?  The large version with the ProLine Pearl paper is around $200.   The smaller version with the Premium Lustre paper is around $100 – but if you act quickly and order a copy today, you can get a 25% discount!!!
The code to enter is PIEDAY25, but again, it is only valid today, March 14.
So, please go to Blurb and take a look.  You can see a full preview of all the pages.  (I hate it when people only show a small percentage of the book’s pages.   Who wants to buy a book when you can’t see all of what’s in it?)
Even if you’re not planning to buy a copy now, I’d like to have your feedback, all the same.
Thank you.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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