Nude, Nevada, 2006

Nude, Nevada, 2006

Okay, folks.  I am back.  From the third week of October through this past Saturday, I worked 130 hours of overtime at work.  That’s what the busy season at my job can be like.  It’s over now, so I can once again – hopefully – post my work here on a more frequent basis.
I actually began to write this post about two months ago, but not having a lot of free time and some technical difficulties in trying to copy from web pages (which I still have not figured out) set me back.  Now, at last, I have the time to finish writing it.
Over the past few months, I have either entered several photography competitions or the results of earlier submissions had been announced.  Here are the results.


Archer in Competition, Nikko, Japan, 2005

Archer in Competition, Nikko, Japan, 2005

 Far Away Places
The Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, Vermont (near Burlington) is a place that I have submitted to a number of times over the past few years.  My work was selected for its art nude exhibitions in 2012 and 2013, and I even drove up there to be at the opening receptions each time.
There was no art nude exhibit in 2014, but as I don’t only photograph nudes, I did enter some other competitions.  Early in the year, one of my photos was included in the Five Elements exhibition – my first non-nude photo to be selected by a gallery in quite a while (or perhaps even the first time ever).  I’m happy to say that another of my travel photos was also chosen for another exhibit, Far Away Places, in November.  The photo selected was “Archer in Competition, Nikko, Japan, 2005.”
You can see the full gallery of exhibited images here.


The Power of Nature, Iceland, 2013

The Power of Nature, Iceland, 2013

I attended some workshops at the Santa Fe Workshops in New Mexico way back in 1997 and 1998 – two art nude workshops in 1997 and two more in 1998. Those were in my early days of doing art nude photography, and taking those workshops really helped me to take a big step forward.
I had planned to only take one workshop in 1998, but I ended up going for two because I was given free tuition to one of them. How?  By winning first prize with one of my color travel photos of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland in the Assignment: Earth competition, sponsored by the Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts.  (I could have gone to just one workshop tuition free, but as there were two that interested me in consecutive weeks, I decided to go for two.)
Since then, I have wanted to try to repeat my success with one of my black & white images, so I submitted four images to the Santa Fe Workshops’ recent “Water” competition – all of them from my two recent trips to Iceland.
How did I do?  Well, sad to say, I did not win any of the four categories.  (I only submitted to two of them, actually.)  Still, out of the 3,791 photos submitted by 904 people from 26 countries, one of them – “The Power of Nature, Iceland, 2013” (aka Aubrey vs. The Waterfall) – was one of 46 images selected for Honorable Mention.  So, getting one in the top 50 out of 3,791 isn’t too bad, I think.   Not only that, I was also told that my other three submissions made the top 100, too!
You can see a gallery of winners and honorable mentions here.
Nude, New Orleans, 2004

Nude, New Orleans, 2004

The Black & White Spider Awards are an annual competition for black & white photography.  I have wondered if it’s worth entering, but as some people I know have been winners in the amateur competition, and as some well known photographers that I am familiar with enter the professional competition, I decided to give it a try by entering last year with a dozen photos in different categories.
The results?  Well, I have to say that I was disappointed that I wasn’t a winner or even an honorable mention in any of the categories.  However, I did have images nominated in three categories – one in Portrait (“Girls With Antlers, Nara, Japan, 2005”), one in Nature (“Shadows and Peaks, Alaska, 2011”) and two in the Nude category (“Nude, New Orleans, 2004” and “Nude, Nevada, 2006”).
Girls With Antlers, Nara, Japan, 2005

Girls With Antlers, Nara, Japan, 2005

Shadows and Peaks, Alaska, 2011

Shadows and Peaks, Alaska, 2011

 To show how unpredictable competition results can be, I also entered the two images that were selected in the “Far Away Places” and “Water”  – and neither of them even got nominated.
You can see my images among the winners and nominees here, here and here.
The Photographic Nude 2015
This particular competition for an exhibit at the LightBox Gallery in Astoria, Oregon, is so recent that I submitted my photos last week and only found out yesterday that one of them – “Nude, Nevada, 2006” – has been accepted.  (Yes, the same one that was a Spider Award nominee, at the top of this post.)  The exhibition will begin next month, and I imagine that all of the accepted images will be up on the gallery’s website at that time.  This is the second year in a row that I have submitted images to this juried show and the second year in a row that I have had a photo selected.
So, that’s all for now.  What’s coming up?  Well, I am waiting anxiously (as I do every year at this time) to find out if one of my photos was published in the annual contest issue of the French magazine PHOTO, which is distributed worldwide.  Since 1999, one of my photos has been published seven times, including last year.   However, as that was the first time in seven years that a picture of mine was included, I’m rather on edge to see if I got in two years in a row after a six year drought.
This issue (Jan/Feb) normally doesn’t hit US newsstands until sometime in March, but I’ve contacted a friend in France who said he’ll let me know if I got in when the issue is released there.  If I do have a photo included, I will definitely make it known here.  (If not, then……)
I also just submitted portfolios of art nude photos from my recent trips to Iceland and Canada to Black & White magazine, but finding out if anything will be published is a long term thing that will take several months, so I am not holding my breath on that.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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