Canada, Act II

Nude, New Brunswick, 2013

Nude, New Brunswick, 2013

Maintaining a photography blog like this one (for me, anyway) has one big problem:  most of the time, I simply cannot remember if I have posted a particular photograph here already, especially if it’s a photo that I have scanned some time ago.
I mean, it would be pretty embarrassing if I posted a photo and wrote all about it, only to discover – whether by myself, or worse, by someone else pointing it out to me – that I have already posted that photo and written about it previously.  (Of course, for someone else to point it out to me, it would mean that people – or at least one person – would actually have to pay close attention to what I do here, which I sometimes wonder about.)
As it is, I do not keep a list of photos that I’ve posted on my blog.  I do not change the file name of a photo on my computer to indicate that it’s been posted here.  Perhaps I should make a list, but as this blog is over seven years old, that’s an awful lot of backtracking to have to do.
No, the only way for me to know for sure if I’ve already posted a photo is to look back through every single blog post, going back to the time that I made the photo, to see if I’ve posted it already.  Naturally, this can be rather annoying – not that I mind looking at my photos, but it’s just something I’d rather not have to do.
Then, on the other hand, there are the photos that you think you have posted, only to find out that you have not!
One such photo adventure from which I thought that I had posted scanned photos was my short trip back to Canada last year with Erica Jay and Dane St. Clair.  I have already posted some photos from our trip up to three of the Canadian maritime provinces in 2012 (with many more to show), but I went back with them last year for a few days to the province of New Brunswick, to photograph with two local photographers and two local models.
I had scanned some of these photos some time ago, and I thought that I had posted them, but it was not so.
Of course, the safest ones to put up without the risk of repetition are the photos that have been scanned recently, without much time for earlier posting.
That’s what I’m doing today with this photo, which I scanned not too long ago.  We had gone to this waterside location, which was private property owned by an acquaintance of one of our hosts.  The tide was coming in when we arrived – and in New Brunswick the tides are very high – but we still had a few hours in which we could work.  While we switched models during our time there, I began the day photographing Erica and Dane, and they did a great job working with me to come up with these poses that seem to go well together.
What you can’t see from this photo is that I had only gotten about two hours sleep the night before – and the girls probably did not get much more – and as such, I was not even sure if I would even be fully functional.  We had driven up from New York the day before, with much of that through a torrential rainstorm of seemingly biblical proportions.  That really slowed us down, and we did not get to the border with Canada until around 11 pm , which promptly became midnight once we crossed into Canada and into the Atlantic Time zone – and I still had around an hour and a half’s driving to do after that!
Somehow, we survived.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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  1. Conrad Conero says:

    That’s a truly marvelous photograph, well worth all the effort! A great concept!

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