First Photos from a Second Trip

Nude, Iceland, 2014

Nude, Iceland, 2014

The results from my second art nude photo trip to Iceland, made last month, are in.  Well, some of the results, anyway.  The first dozen rolls out of 62, to be exact.
The verdict?  Well, I like them – and so do the people who’ve seen them on my iPod Touch (or so they’ve said).  I still need to post (and scan and then post) a lot of photos made before these new Iceland photos were made, but I thought I’d share with you now some photos from the first roll of the trip.
These photos were made close to where the first photos from last year’s Iceland trip were made.  (See here.) I parked the car in the same parking lot.  However, while last year’s photos were made in a small canyon hidden from view of the road, these new photos were made out in the open, in plain sight.
I had noticed the flat area backed by the mountains last year and thought it might make a good location for photos.  The road that passes it by is not a main road and does not seem to get a lot of traffic, so I thought that I might be able to get a few photos in with no cars riding by.
One of my Icelandic photographer friends also told me not to worry too much if people driving by could see us, so I took that in mind, too.  Naturally, when we arrived, there were some people picnicking nearby – including kids.  Still, they eventually left, and we walked away from that area and the parking lot, not just to get farther away from the road but also to get closer to the mountain.
I hope you like the results.
Oh, these photos would not have been possible without my two models, Nadine Stevens and Zoe West.  Thanks, gals!

3544_01 - Nadine and Zoe


3545_01 - Nadine and Zoe


3545_02 - Nadine and Zoe

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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3 Responses to First Photos from a Second Trip

  1. These are gorgeous! Great work!

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