Nude, Nova Scotia, 2012

Nude, Nova Scotia, 2012

I wrote in my last post on Friday that I had completed making the DVD with a slideshow of my photos from my trip to Maine and Canada last summer.  I also wrote that I was going to get together shortly with my two models and travel companions, Dane St. Clair and Erica Jay, to “premiere” the photos for them.
Well, I’m happy to report that the reunion did indeed happen as planned – on Friday night.  (I was thinking of writing in my post on Friday that I was going to meet with them that evening, but I didn’t want to jinx it.)  I had seen Erica a couple of times since we ended our adventure last August, including my trip to Vermont a couple of weeks ago.  However, I had not seen Dane at all since August, so this was the first time that all three of had been together since then.
The important thing about this in regards to the blog is that I am now free to post all of my photos from the trip, now that Dane and Erica have seen most of them.   (At least, most of the ones that I am likely to scan.)  With that in mind, I’m posting another one from the trip today.
In my last post I included a photo of Erica, so this time it will be Dane.  The photo at the top is one that I made in the area of Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the first day that we went out to photograph with local photographer Eric Boutilier-Brown.  This was at a location that Eric had discovered and photographed at frequently, with beautiful trees and boulders and a shallow river.  Toward the end of our session, I found a nice set of boulders framed by some trees.  I asked Dane to pose on the boulders and included the foreground trees as a framing element.  I like the result.
Dane, Erica and Aubrey at dinner

Dane, Erica and Aubrey at dinner

As for the reunion event itself, I invited not only Erica and Dane but also Aubrey, a model who lives not far from me and I who I plan to photograph this summer.  Dane came by car and arrived first.  Erica and Aubrey were both taking the bus here, and fate would have it they met each other on the bus.  That was a good thing, as they stayed on the bus well past my stop and had to call me to get directions.  Finally, I was able to talk them to the right place.  (I say that it was a good thing as I only needed to talk them in once together rather than twice separately…LOL)
As most of us were hungry, we went to eat first at a local diner.  Then it was back to my place for the big premiere.  The first feature presented was a DVD slideshow I had put together in 2008 featuring my art nude photography up to that time.  Then it was on to last year’s events.  First was a slideshow of snapshots taken during the trip which brought back some good memories of the fun we had along the way.  Finally, the main event: a show of my scanned black & white art nude photos, which had Erica and Dane hootin’ and hollerin’ with shouts of joy as the photos rolled by on the screen.  They even asked to see it again – which I took as a sign that they liked it.
Happy together

Happy together

So, it was a happy reunion all around, and it’s gotten me thinking of trying to set up a little trip again this summer, though not as extensive as last year’s.  In fact, I’ve been corresponding with a photographer we met along the way last year, and he’s interested in setting something up with us together with another photographer we met plus some local models.  Let’s hope that it happens.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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