What Happens in Vegas……

Nude, Nevada, 2012

Nude, Nevada, 2012

I just returned home this morning from a trip to visit family in Las Vegas.  I have used many of these trips in the past to also do photography, taking models out into the Nevada desert to create some imagery.  On this trip, though, I did no serious photography, and it was actually quite pleasant not having to schlep my big camera bag with me, deal with the added weight of a tripod in the suitcase or worry about getting film through security without it being x-rayed.
On my previous trip to Las Vegas, late last year, I also had no plans to drag my camera gear with me to create some photos – but I did.  That’s because I just happened to see that Carlotta Champagne just happened to be in town when I would be there.  She was going to Vegas for a workshop, and had some available time in the days before the workshop to work with me for the third time, so I figured, why not?
Unlike our first photo session together back in 2006, which was out in the desert in June, working outdoors was not an option due to the much colder weather late in the year.  (Yes, believe it or not, it does get cold in Las Vegas.)  Wanting to work with Carlotta but unsure of where to do so, I contacted a photographer friend who lives in Las Vegas, and he recommended that I book a room for a night at a particular hotel that has spacious rooms at a reasonable cost.
So I did.  I’ve photographed models in hotel rooms before – either the room I was staying in while away from home or the room that the model was staying in.  This was, however, the first time that I booked a room specifically as a location – but I guess it’s no different than booking a studio to photograph in, and a lot less expensive, too.  A hotel room cannot compare as a location to the beauty and grandeur of the desert, but I guess it’ll do.
I haven’t had the chance to scan many of the photos from the session, but I have scanned a few.  Here’s one of them at the top, and I’ll post more as I scan more.  For now, here’s also a photo from our desert session back in 2006.
Stay tuned.
Nude, Nevada, 2006

Nude, Nevada, 2006

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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6 Responses to What Happens in Vegas……

  1. This is a great photograph, with the white and back background conrast and the circular confiuguration of the arms. Jus wonderful!

  2. “Conrast” should of course read “contrast”. And “jus” is “just”. I have hand problems which make typing difficult.

  3. Dave Rudin says:

    Thank you, Conrad. I’m glad you like the photograph and I appreciate your saying so.

    • Hi Dave, I just realized the similarity to the Callahan photo, with which I was already familiar. Not sure if that was a conscious or even unconscious influence, but I like yours even better. I did a lot of photography some years ago although I never learned how to develop my own prints. Ironically, even though digital would make that easier, I decided to try to learn to draw instead in the interim in spite of my hand troubles (carpal tunnel/arthritis) but my interest in photography seems to be returning, if it ever left. I prefer Black and White, since I like graphics. Tried a few nudes with my wife, but she’s usually too busy to accommodate me and I don’t like to bother her. Have always liked your work.

  4. ……and of course also reminiscent of Kertesz’s “Satiric Dancer”.

    • Dave Rudin says:

      Thanks again for your comments, Conrad. I’m glad you enjoy my work. Yes, now that you do mention it, I do see some samilarities to the the Kertesz and of course to the Callahan. I wish you good luck with art and I hope your hand condition improves.

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