Figures of Grace

The Three Graces

I had planned to scan a couple of new photos for today’s post, but as I’ve had a very busy week, I never got around to doing the scanning.  Instead, I’m posting a photo I made with the camera in my iPod while on a brief visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few days ago.
The name I chose for my website and this blog is “Figures of Grace.”  That’s meant to represent the graceful quality that I like to include in my photos.  Of course, that graceful quality existed in art long before the camera was invented.
I guess the prime example of gracefulness in art is, not surprisingly, the ancient depiction of the muses known as the Three Graces.  The name I chose for my websites is an hommage of sorts to their beauty.  So, when I was at the Met, I just had to make a quick visit to see this beautiful work of art, which is a Roman copy of a Greek original.
Of course, I had to make a photo, too.

Another favorite depiction of the Three Graces is the lovely, small painting by Raphael, which I was fortunate to see several years ago in the Musee Conde in Chantilly, France, outside of Paris.  The entire reason for the trip was to see this painting, and it was worth it.  Click here to see it.


One of the reasons I didn’t get around to any scanning was that I was busy making prints in the darkroom yesterday.  I really am trying to make an effort to get back to printing on a regular basis, both to catch up on work that deserves to be printed but also to get good at printing again.  The only way to do the latter, of course, is to just go ahead and print.
Here, then, are some of the fruits of yesterday’s labor.  The prints are of (top to bottom) Alison in Scotland in 2004, Maria Eriksson in Malibu in 2007 and Fiona Flowers in the Nevada desert in 2010.  All of the prints are on 11 x 14 inch paper.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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