Something Old, Something New (or: Candy is Dandy and Kat is Kool)

Studio Nude, 2005

I wrote recently that I’d finished developing my big backlog of film.  I also pledged to bring to you some of those new photos plus some old ones, too, before long.
Well, today I am making good on that pledge, as I’m posting something old and something new.
Let’s begin with the old.  To do so, we must travel back in time half a dozen years to the summer of 2005.  Up until that point, I had been something of a prisoner to the elements of mother nature when it came to my art nude photography.  I had worked mostly outdoors, while occasionally working indoors at workshops and such things.
The problem was that I had no place to photograph when I was at home and not travelling, especially during the cold weather months.  Even in the warm weather, New York City is not exactly a place where one can find a good, private spots outdoors for nudes.  Renting a studio space in the city costs an arm and a leg, so that was not an option, either.
So, as I know that others had done, I decided to set up a studio in my living room when I wanted to photograph.  I had to decide between getting strobes and hot lights.  The first photo session I did was with a set of strobes that I had borrowed from a friend.  Ultimately, I settled on getting hot lights, as I decided that I could better see what I was setting up with hot lights than with some strobes’ modeling lights.
The big debut of the new hot lights was in August of 2005.  The model that they would shine upon:  Candace Nirvana.  I still consider myself to this day to be rather a novice at studio work, but back then it was even more so.  Still, I wanted to try some different things, and one of those was to wet some fabric to achieve a look that I’d seen on a number of ancient Greek carvings.
I wet the fabric with hot water and Candace put the fabric on, but despite hot water under the hot lights, she said before long that it had become cold and uncomfortable.  I had to work fast and was able to make a few shots, but at the end of one roll I noticed something odd:  the fabric was retaining a perfect shadow of Candace’s face being cast by the side light.  It had not been that way initially, but the dampness of the fabric must have been at a particular point that it had the characteristic of holding that shadow.
Naturally, the photo that you see here was the last frame on the roll.  Knowing that the shadow wouldn’t last long, I tried to change rolls as fast as I could and managed to make two more exposures before the shadow disappeared.
Oddly enough, this image was probably my favorite of the session with Candace after I looked over the developed film, but before today I had never scanned it.  I guess I need to look through the archives to scan other oldies but goodies.

On to more recent imaging, here too is the first photograph that I made of Kat when she and photographer Gary Mitchell came to visit me for a few days this past summer.  At first, Kat took her glasses off, but I felt that including the specs would show a little more personality and perhaps be a bit funky, too, so I asked her to put them back on.  She did.


Finally, I just want to remind people that the online benefit  auction for Friends Without a Border ends on Saturday night at 10 pm, Eastern Time.   One of my photos is in the auction as are works by some friends of mine.  Bidding begins at only $50 and there are still quite a few photos with no bids on them, so try to by some art as a gift (even if for yourself) this holiday season while contributing to a good cause.
Please visit the auction by clicking here.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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