Wedding Photos, Italian Style (Part II) and More!

Wedding Couple, Rome, 2009

Well, the royal wedding of William and Kate has come and gone.  I didn’t get up early to watch it, but for those of you who did see it, I hope you enjoyed it.  Still, my series of wedding photos from Rome two years ago continues. 
I left off last time (see here) by writing that I had seen a bride and groom walking away from me on a side street to my left as I walked to the Pantheon.  I continued walking for a block or two, then made a left turn to head more directly toward the Pantheon.  Before long, I entered the Piazza della Rotonda, which is the piazza (or ‘square’) in front of the Pantheon, and to my surprise, who did I see there???  The same wedding couple that I had seen down the side street!  Obviously, they had been heading toward the same place as me, but were just taking a different route.

As I wrote last time, I discovered that Saturdays in June are a favored days for weddings and wedding photos in Italy, and is there a better backdrop for wedding photos than La Citta Eterna – the Eternal City?  This particular couple was being photographed by the official wedding photographer, I guess, but as the Piazza della Rotonda is a public place and nobody seemed to mind, I decided to shoot some photos, too.  (I’m sure I wasn’t the only spectator doing so.)

One of the beautiful things about photographing in black & white in a place like Rome is the timeless quality and feel of the images.  These photos here look they could have been taken in the 1950’s or the 1930’s (though perhaps the groom’s haircut is a bit too modern looking for that).
I’m posting four photos here today, though I’m saving a few more for the next post, including my favorite photograph from the series.  As before, stay tuned.

 In other art news, I had a busy couple of nights recently.  Thursday night was Gallery Night on 57th Street in Manhattan, when many of the galleries on and near that street stay open until 8 pm.  It’s a worthwhile way to spend a few hours after work.  Among the places I visited were Throckmorton Fine Art, with an exhibition of beautiful landscape photos by Brazilian photographer Valdir Cruz;  Bonni Benrubi Gallery, with fashion photographs from the 1960’s by Georges Dambier; Hammer Galleries, a storefront gallery on Park Avenue, with a beautiful exhibition of paintings and drawings by Picasso, Chagall, Matisse and Modigliani; Edwynn Houk Gallery, with nude and fashion photos by Herb Ritts; and John Szoke Editions, with prints by Picasso.  I’m posting a few of the images here, but click on the name of each gallery for a link to each exhibition.  If you live in the New York City area, by all means, try to see the originals.

Valdir Cruz @ Throckmorton

Picasso @ Hammer


Herb Ritts @ Edwynn Houk

Chagall @ Hammer

Georges Dambier @ Bonni Benrubi

Herb Ritts @ Edwynn Houk

Picasso @ John Szoke

The most unusual moment of the evening happened at Benrubi.  I was speaking with one of the gallery assistants who I had met previously, discussing the photos on exhibit with her, when we heard a blood curdling scream coming from near the entrance, which was around a corner. 
The assistant went to the entrance to see what happened.  I followed slowly, expecting to see blood and maybe a knife sticking out of someone, based on how that scream sounded. (Believe me.  It was really creepy sounding.)  As I rounded the corner, I did see an older woman lying on the floor.  There was no blood and no knife.
 There was, however, lipstick.  At first I’d thought that the woman had slipped on something, but then I heard what had actually happened:  she had walked face first into one of the glass doors at the entrance, and there was a large smear of lipstick where the impact had apparently occurred.  The door was made of glass, but it wasn’t so clear as to being close to invisible, so perhaps she wasn’t paying attention as she walked out.  Anyway, she got up and walked away and seemed to be fine.  I assume that the lipstick has been wiped off by now.
Then, on Friday night, I went to to the open house for MFA students at the New York Academy of Art in Tribeca.  This is the night of the year when visitors can walk in, see some of the artwork that the students have created and, of course, talk with them, as well.  As happened last year, I was impressed both by the artwork (much of it nudes, as the school is dedicated to figurative art) and the resolve and determination of these people to succeed as artists.  After all, let’s face it – being an artist doesn’t necessarily lead to financial success, no matter how talented an artist you may be, so I truly do admire the passion and determination these people put into what they’re doing.
I really wish that I had taken a camera with me so I could photograph the artists and their work, but sadly I had left it at home.  Perhaps next year I’ll remember.  For now, here are some of the artists I met who have websites or blogs to look at .

Rabecca Signoriello

Rabecca Signoriello:
Elisabeth Ehmann:
Cameron McCool:
Lauren Redding:
Buket Atature:

Elena Rodz

Carrie Adams:
Cara De Angelis:
Jacob Hicks:
Sarah Beatty:
Elena Rodz:

Elisabeth Ehmann

Finally, I am PO’d at the PO.  In the past, my local post office has held packages for me without them even telling me that they’ve got them.  One time, I received a pick-up note in my mailbox that said “Final Notice.”  The problem was that it was also the first notice.  There have even been times when I knew that something was waiting me there and I told them about but they still claimed that it wasn’t there.
Now there’s a new one.  I found not one but two pick-up notices in my mailbox on Friday. I had been expecting these things, so I went to the post office yesterday morning to get them.  It used to be that there was a special window for pick-ups only, but that’s gone.  Now, to pick up a package, one has to wait on the same line as the people wanting to mail stuff out.  Yesterday, the line was long, and after waiting five minutes, I could tell that it would take at least half an hour to get to the front.  As my foot was beginning to hurt, I decided to go home and come back later.  The post office closes for mailings at 1 pm on Saturdays, but there’s a sign posted saying that it’s open from 1 to 3 on Saturday for pick-ups only.  I had gone there during those hours once before, so I thought I’d try it again.
So, I got there around 2:30, and guess what. The front door was locked!  The post office was closed.  ********!!!!!!!  Now I’ll have to wait  until next Saturday to have my chance to wait in a long line again to get my stuff.  I am not happy and I will complain.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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4 Responses to Wedding Photos, Italian Style (Part II) and More!

  1. Now wait a minute. Your favorite of the Italian wedding series is yet to come? How good can it get? I also agree about the appropriateness of black and white for the Eternal City. When I lived there, I shot only black and white film. Now if I could only find the photo album!

    Exquisite work, Dave. I can tell you enjoyed shooting this series. You had to know it was going to be Real Good!

    • Dave Rudin says:

      Thanks, Doctor J. Again, I’m glad you like the series, and I’m looking forward to finding out what you’ll think about the photo that I consider to be my favorite of the series. (Just wait a few days.)

      Yes, I did think I had something good here and really looked forward to seeing the results once the film was developed.

  2. Lin says:

    I agree with Dr L. Some of your best ever work here, Dave. A fantastic series – highly emotive work.

    Thanks too for covering the exhibitions. Wish I had been there. Such wonderful artwork from the MFA students! My oldest son (officially a full time fine art student as from September) also found them fascinating.

    • Dave Rudin says:

      Hi, Lin. It’s great to hear from you.

      Thank you for your comments regarding these photos. I’m glad you like them so much. Just check back in a few days for the final installment.

      I’m glad you like the exhibition images, too. Click on the web links to see more. I wish you could have been there, too, and there were some lovely works by the MFA students on display. I’m even considering buying a piece.

      Congratulations (I think!) on your son being a full time art student, and I’m glad that you both like the students’ work.

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