The Photo Review Auction

The annual Photo Review benefit photography auction is taking place tomorrow night, November 6, in central Philadelphia. You can get more information about it here.
As I have been doing for quite a few years, I am once again donating some photos to the auction.
One of them is the image at the top – a photo a of model made in a motel room in Los Angeles County in 2007. My unofficial name for it is “Banned by Kodak,” because Kodak refused to print up a book I put together because this photo was in it. (Apparently, Kodak cannot tell the difference between someone covering up her naughty bit, which is what she was doing, and some “touching herself,” which is what Kodak assumed she was doing).

As it happens, somebody liked the photo enough to buy it outright in the pre-auction, but I have decided to donate another print of the same image. You can bid on it here on the Photo Review website (ignore the “Sold” sign) or here on the Live Auctioneers site.

The other photo I’m donating is the one seen above here, that was taken on my first trip to Japan in 2004. It depicts an offering box (for people to throw donation money into) at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. I happened to return to this same spot on my trip to Japan earlier this year and I saw “no photography” signs posted there. I just wonder if the signs are relatively new or if I missed them in 2004 and did something I wasn’t supposed to.

You can bid on this photo here and here. If you’re in the Philadelphia on Saturday, you can come on down the auction, too.


In other news, I’m really upset about the results of the voting on Tuesday night. No, I’m not referring to the political, governmental elections (though I’m not happy about those, either). I’m talking about “Dancing With The Stars.” Can somebody please tell me why the hell Bristol Palin is still on? As I’ve written before, she should never have been on in the first place . (I guess we can blame the “liberal media” for her being on, right?)

Anybody who’s watched her plodding across the dance floor can tell that she should have been eliminated weeks ago. She wasn’t, but much better dancers like Audrina and Rick Fox have been sent packing instead. As one of the judges said, there is no justice in this.

I guess that if someone like Bristol Palin can be voted in to stay on the show, anything is possible – and that is a scary thought.

That scary thought came to life on Tuesday with the political elections. Well, now that the Republicans have a bigger voice in things, let’s see if they’ll put up or shut up. Will they try to do what’s best for the people of this country and try to work with the Democrats (and, of course, vice versa) or will they be obstructionist and do what’s best for themselves? So far, it does not look good for us as a nation.
I’ll just finish off my thoughts about the Republicans by saying that they’re a bunch of hypocrites. They say they want to reduce federal spending and the federal deficit, but why weren’t they saying these things when the Bush administration and the Republican controlled Congress took the budget surplus that Bill Clinton had given us and turned it into a huge deficit? I guess that when Republicans spend the taxpayers’ dollars such things don’t matter. (After all, it was Dick Cheney who said that the deficit is “meaningless.”)

They say they have a better way to fix the health care system, so why didn’t they try to implement it when they controlled the White House and Congress for six years? (Oh, yes, I remember now. They were too busy giving big tax breaks to wealthy people and trying to privatize Social Security to have time to make life better for the millions of Americans without health insurance. I guess that if you make less than a six figure income you just don’t rate in the Republicans’ financial playbook, do you?)
Enough said on this subject for now.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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1 Response to The Photo Review Auction

  1. WildePics says:

    The Repubs are serious about the budget…they want to return us to the proven Reagan/Bush(squared) philosophy…which added 9.2 Trillion dollars to the National Debt. As compared to GDP the National Debt had declined every year since WWII UNTIL the Reagan presidency ( How come we didn't hear that during the election.

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