Hi, everyone.
Those of you who’ve been following my blog will know that my computer has been undergoing serious problems and that I’ve been unable to upload photos here to the blog. Well, if you’re seeing photos here with this posting, it’s not because the computer’s been repaired or replaced.

It’s because I’m here in Ohio visiting my good friend, the photographer Dave Levingston.

He was kind enough to invite me to stay with him for a week and to do some photography in his new studio. I have been doing the latter, working with models in the studio both yesterday and today (with more to come), but for now I’m writing about the trip to Chicago that Dave and I made this past weekend.
I had never been to Chicago before, so this trip was something of a treat – the chance to visit one of the country’s great cities. At the top you can see a photo I made of the Chicago skyline from inside the Art Institute, a place that I’ll write about next time.

This trip, though, was not a random visit as Dave and I went to attend the opening reception of the “Femme Divine” exhibit of art nude and erotica at the Gallery Provocateur.

Besides seeing the beautiful artworks on display, I also had the opportunity to meet some of the people who I’d met online or whose works I had seen but had never met in person before. Among these were D.L. Wood, Unbearable Lightness, Lela Rae and Nad Iskodas. Here are some of the photos I made at the event.
D.L Wood and Dave Levingston
Gallery founder Veronika Kotlajic
Lela Rae and Unbearable Lightness

Unbearable Lightness and friend

Lela Rae with yours truly

Dave Levingston

Model Jennifer and D.L. Wood

Lela Rae

I’ll write more about Chicago and my time here in Ohio in upcoming posts. For now, I’ll mention that Dave L and I will be riding up to Detroit this coming Saturday to attend a reception at the River’s Edge Gallery that evening for a show in which Dave has some of his work included. For more information, see his blog entry about it here.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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3 Responses to Chicago

  1. Drew says:

    I like to think that I go through this life not being envious of much. I hate envy.After reading this post though I will readily admit I am envious.I genuinely would have loved to be there and to have met so many of these folk who I have admired from a far.

  2. Aw, what a sweet comment, Drew. I wish you'd been there, too, so I could have met you! FINALLY met our blog host here, Dave Rudin, who came all the way from the Second City for the show (I know, I know, you New Yorkers think you're #1)! I hope the rest of your trip is a true pleasure, Dave! Take care!

  3. Dave Rudin says:

    It was a pleasure to finally to meet you, Dr. UL. I wished we could have spent more time talking. Don't worry, though – we New Yorkers know that we're number one! To be fair, however, as I have told my host here, Mr. Levingston, "Chicago is a nice little town."Drew, I wish that you could have been there, as well.

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