Back in the Dark

I printed some more photos this past Sunday. I hadn’t realized it, but it had been nearly four months since I last printed, in my attempt to get printing again on a regular basis.

This time I used a different paper – Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber. I think it worked well for me. Previously I’d had trouble getting as high a contrast as I wanted, but this time I had to even lower the contrast from the average setting for a few prints. Overall, things went very well, I’d say.

I decided to print only negatives made with my cheap, plastic Holga camera. That’s because I’ve submitted some photos to the Soho Photo Gallery for its annual Krappy Kamera competition, and I want to have the exhibition prints already made in case any are selected. Next time, I’ll try to print some “sharp” pictures, probably from my travels in Asia.

All of the four that I printed Sunday are nudes. Two of them were made at Prince Edward Island, Canada, in 2006. The other two were done at Joshua Tree in California last year. I’m posting the two Canadian photos here today.

I also realize that I need to get a new printer for my computer here at home. The competition I just mentioned is asking for work prints – not photos on CD – for judging.

Ordinarily, I would have made the prints on my printer here using files scanned from the negatives. That I could not do, as everything my printer prints basically has a black smudge running down the middle – and that’s not something I want on my photos.
To get the photos I needed, I had to take the files on an SD card to a pharmacy near my office and use one of the photo machines there to order prints for about $20. I do not want to have to do that again.

Finally, happy holidays, everyone!!!

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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2 Responses to Back in the Dark

  1. Congratulations on the new book and being back in the dark, Dave. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Adrian Popa says:

    Very inspirate composition! I like it very much.

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