Nettie R. Harris

Well, my family visitors all went back home this past weekend, so I’m trying to get back to normal here, including a return to making postings here on the blog.

The first of my visitors, before the family got here, was the model Nettie R. Harris. Nettie lives down in Louisiana and she stayed here for a few nights during her visit to New York.

Fortunately, we had the time to do a photo session here in my studio set-up. Nettie is a delightful young woman with a waif-like figure and I think we made some good images. I had planned to develop some of the film afterwards to show her the process and so she could see some of the results of our collaboration, but we got off to a late start and didn’t have time to take care of any film. (Well, we might have had some time, but I really did want to eat dinner.)

So, for now, I can just show a couple of quick snaps I made with my little digital camera. I’m also posting a photo of Nettie during a break in our session, holding up an appropriately named drink she had brought.
Today is Election Day in the United States. Here in New York, we are voting for mayor. It’s been hard to forget, as for the past half year or so it seems that hardly a day has gone by when I have not gotten something in my mailbox telling me how wonderful our incumbent mayor Michael Bloomberg is. An hour has hardly seemed to pass when I have not seen a television commercial (when I’ve been watching the tube) telling me how wonderful a mayor Michael Bloomberg has been.

Why not? Bloomberg is a multi-millionaire running for his third term, so why shouldn’t he toot his own horn so loudly? Of course, what he fails to tell us is that he has zero respect for the voters of this city. Zilch. Absolutely none. Why? The people of New York City voted not once but twice to enact term limits – in the case of the mayor, a maximum of two terms – but Bloomberg and his self-serving cohorts in the City Council voted to override the will of the people and voided the term limits legislation.

So, isn’t that nice? The people of this city enacted term limits, in part, to prevent somebody with a gazillion dollars from buying an election term after term, but that is exactly what Bloomberg is doing. I have no doubt that he will succeed – big money usually gets its way – but as far as I’m concerned, Bloomberg and every member of the City Council who voted with him on this (including my own bum of a councilman) should have their asses kicked out onto the street where they belong. Some of them have lost their council seats in the primaries, but it’s a shame that they all haven’t. Perhaps some will today.

The ironic thing is that the only reason Bloomberg got elected in the first place was because of term limits! Had it not been for term limits, Rudolph Giuliani would have definitely gotten re-elected mayor following the events of 9/11. Now that’s all been forgotten and Bloomberg’s acting in a self-serving manner. The fact is that I agree with his anti-smoking and anti-gun policies and his putting an end to social promotion in schools. Still, I cannot support someone who shows nothing but contempt for the people he hopes to lead. Enough is enough!

Speaking of big money, the World Series continues. When I was a kid, the World Series was played in the daytime. It’s warmer in the daytime – and baseball is supposed to be a summer game – but now that the big event continues on into November, the games are played in the cold hours of the night. Why? Money, of course. Money in the form of television ratings. The players and the fans – and yes, the game itself – have to take a backseat to the needs of the TV networks. I guess that America’s real pastime is making money and disregarding everything else.

The Phillies won yesterday, so the action will return to the new Yankee Stadium in Da Bronx tomorrow for game 6. The Yankees hold a three game to two lead over the Phils, but I’m hoping Philadelphia will win.

I’m a Mets fan, and the Phillies are the Mets’ rivals, but I’m rooting for the Phillies anyway. For one, I am a fan of National League baseball, and I don’t believer in that Designated Hitter bullshit that the American League uses. Philadelphia is the National League champ (like it or not), so I’m behind them.

Second, I hate the Yankees more than any other sports franchise. Perhaps I was just born that way. Yankee fans seem to think that their team has some kind of god-given right to be the champion. They seem to think that the sun shines out of their asses. (Well, some of them, anyway.) Of course, most of the people seen wearing Yankees hats aren’t even true fans and have probably never even set foot in the Bronx! They’re just a bunch of frontrunners.

Still, another reason to hate the Yankees is that they are the Michael Bloomberg of the baseball world. Their mode of operation is to spend millions and millions and millions of dollars to bludgeon the competition into defeat. Their highest paid player – and the highest paid in baseball, I believe – is Alex Rodriguez. A friend of mine who’s a Yankee fan keeps telling me how happy he is that A-Rod is finally delivering in the post-season (something he has not done in the past), but I just respond that Rodriguez is doing what he’s getting paid to do!

So, let’s see what happens.

Finally, now that my visitors have all left, why does my apartment seem so much more spacious???

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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2 Responses to Nettie R. Harris

  1. Cheering the Phillies for the same reason, and I don't even find baseball the least bit interesting. But if the Yankees win it will be because they spent enough money to win, and that just takes whatever fun there is about the game and throws it right out the window.

  2. The pictures of Nettie are so playful! I think you had fun!Welcome back to Bloggie World! We have missed you!

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