Ten Days After

I know. It’s been ten days since my last posting. Sorry, folks, but last week was a very busy one for me, getting home late after work and getting to bed late, too, taking care of stuff.

So, I will begin by saying that the extended Labor Day week that I took off from work was a very productive one. During those ten days off, I developed 50 rolls of film and have done six more since then, taking me up to the photos made in Florence and Lucca during my trip to Italy in June.

That leaves 21 rolls left, but there’ll be more soon. I just set up my home studio gear as I’ve got a model scheduled to come over this week, plus another one next month, as well. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get caught up – and with the filing, too. It’s at times like this that I tell myself that I need to go a year without taking any new photos just to catch up with stuff, but somehow that never seems to happen.

I wrote before that I’d be going back to the Metropolitan Opera to try to get back into the cast of “Aida.” Well, I did just that back on September 12, and guess what? They didn’t want me! After two tours of duty marching with the Pharaohanic Fighting Forces (as I called them), this happens to me, so I guess my days as an Egyptian are washed up. When I did it before, there were no auditions. I was told what I’d be in and that was that. Oh, well – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Maybe I’ll try for “La Boheme” early next year.

Still, going to the audition wasn’t a total waste. I got to hear some of the rehearsal for “The Marriage of Figaro,” which I’ll be seeing next month, and it got me out and about, compared to staying in to develop all of that film. I also went to see the shows at several photo galleries on or near East 57 Street, the most interesting being the exhibit of vintage prints by Brassai (click here) at the Edwynn Houk gallery and the vintage Jacques Henri Lartigue prints (click here) at Howard Greenberg.

I also attended some opening nights after work last work, seeing a very nice show of Himalayan photos at the Tibet House by photographer Tenzing Paljor and a new exhibit of beautiful African wildlife photos by Nick Brandt at Staley-Wise.

While setting up my studio gear, I took some breaks now and then to watch Dancing With the Stars tonight. My mother got my interested in watching it when she was visiting me last year, and it is reasonably entertaining. Unlike shows such as American Idol (which I have never watched and have absolutely no interest in), at least I can watch some very attractive women strutting their stuff. The professional men are good, too, as are some of the celebs.

Having seen the show tonight, I’d say the one I’ll keep my eye on is the salsa star Mya (pronounced ‘maya’). She moves well, has a nice booty and, best of all, a rather Audrey Hepburn-esque face. Supermodel Joanna Krupa isn’t bad, either.

I didn’t see the male celebrities dance last night, but I’ll have to root for Donnie Osmond, simply because his professional partner, Kim Johnson, is a knockout. If he stays in, so does she. I’m going to have some mixed feelings, though, about another of my favorite pro dancers, Cheryl Burke. Her partner this time is Tom DeLay – yes, the former Republican congressman. However beautiful she may be, will it really be worth seeing her if I have to see him, too?

Well, it’s very late here and I’ve still got other stuff to do so I’d better end here, even though there were other things I wanted to write that I can’t think of now. What I do remember is to give a big “Get Well Soon” to Chris St. James, the force behind the art nude blog Univers d’Artistes. Chris is returning to the hospital to be treated for a serious illness and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Finally, at the top, another photograph of Stephanie Anne made last year at Joshua Tree’s Cholla Cactus Garden.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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1 Response to Ten Days After

  1. "I guess my days as an Egyptian are washed up."You know what it says in the Torah: "And Pharoah's heart was hardened." Well, locusts on them then!Maybe your days as a Bohemian will begin instead. Just don't be the one with TB.I like to watch "Dancing with the Stars," but I fear I will miss this season. I can't believe Tom DeLay got Cheryl Burke! What a waste! I will watch here for more of your reports on what I am missing.Thank you for the wishes for Chris. He is a force, and I miss him!

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