I scanned some more negatives today. Some were made with the Holga, some with the big Pentax. After scanning a lot of partially fuzzy Holga photos, it was a bit of a shock to see sharp images again, I have to say. Still, each type can yield a successful image if done properly. I just hope that I have some that are.

Today’s photos are more from the Holga series, this time with the model Jin Seno. I photographed Jin just outside of Joshua Tree National Park, by the house she was staying in while she was in the area. I hope I can we can work together again some time.

I went to the post office this (Saturday) morning to pick up a package. Another package from the same company was left in front of my door earlier this week, so why I had to go to the post office to get this new one, I don’t know.

It used to be that there was a special line at this post office for people there to pick up packages, different from the long one of people waiting to mail things out. Then the pick-up line went the way of the Dodo. I called up to complain but was told they didn’t have enough staff.

Normally, there were three windows open to serve the people on line. Today, there was only one – one!!! – window open. The woman in front of me was there to get a package, too, and she asked the supervisor why there was no pick-up line. He said that his branch had been allowed to remain open, but that the staff had been cut even further – even since last month.

I’ve dealt this supervisor before, and he does try to be helpful, and today he helped out by getting the packages for the people waiting for them. “Good morning, Mr. K____,” I said to him. “What’s good about it?” he grumbled back before he left to get the packages.

The woman who’d been in front of me said she felt like complaining, and I asked her why, noting that this man is very helpful. “I don’t like his attitude,” she said. I responded by saying that I prefer to have someone who’s helpful and has an attitude, rather than someone who’s cheerful and does nothing.

Either way, I don’t see the post office situation improving any time soon – if ever!


I read a couple of interesting pieces on the NY Times website today. One was by the always interesting Paul Krugman, writing about the battle over health care reform. I have to admit that I haven’t been keeping up with the details of the plan, and today I read for the first time about the “death panels” that people like Sarah Palin have talking about. Apparently, she’s claiming that these panels will pull the plug on seriously ill patients just to save the government money.

It’s interesting, Krugman writes, that the idea that started the whole thing was initiated by a Republican senator, and even this senator admits that the whole thing has been twisted into something far from what was intended. Read the story here and also here.

The other story, also alarming, was about growing xenophobia in Germany, in particular the case of an Egyptian woman murdered there by a neo-Nazi type. There was a great outcry among Muslims, it said, including Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who denounced this German “brutality.”

Jee, isn’t it odd that Ahmadinejad (or, as I like to call him, Ahmadinanutjob) claims that the German brutality that killed millions during the Holocaust never happened, but the murder of one Muslim woman has him so upset? What people like Ahmadinanutjob need to learn is that by sanctioning the murder of Jews (or any group), he’s also sanctioning the murder of his own Muslim people, as well. Sadly, though, some people never learn.

Read the story here.


To finish on a somewhat lighter note, I came across this a few days ago. It’s been making the rounds, but in case you missed it, click here to see what happened when a vacationing in Canada tried to make a self portrait photo.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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