Big T in the Big Apple!

It was a busy weekend for me, this Saturday and Sunday just past. I had some time on Saturday afternoon before I went out, so I used the time to finally get to work again on my new website. I pretty much had gotten it where I wanted it to be (or so I thought – more needs to be done), with the majority of the work left being to prep photos for uploading to the site. This time, I worked on the gallery of art nude photos made in California.

The big news of the weekend, though, was that my friend Terrell “Big T” Neasley was making his first ever visit to New York City. I’ve visited with Terrell a number of times in Las Vegas, where he lives, but never before here in NYC. He spent most of Saturday seeing sights in the city with another friend of his who lives here, but I met them that evening for dinner at the South Street Seaport. (You can see a photo of us here with our Russian waitress.)

After dinner, I lead Terrell and his friend on a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, as it offers a great view of the city and I wanted him to be able to say that he visited Brooklyn. (I forgot, unfortunately, to try to sell the bridge to him!)

I normally don’t schlepp into Manhattan on both days of a weekend, but I did it this time. I met Terrell on Sunday morning at his west side hotel, and from there we walked over to B&H, the big photo store. (I told him that it’s “just slightly bigger” than the place he goes to in Las Vegas.) At the store we met my friend Dean Lavery, who I had seen the week before when Dave Levingston was visiting me from Ohio. The two of them seemed to have a lot to talk about regarding photography (see photo) while I just stood there listening.

After that we went to the Tick Tock Diner for lunch, but I had to leave Terrell after that, as he had a mid-afternoon flight to catch back to Las Vegas. His visit to the Big Apple was very short, but I think he had a good time here and I hope he’ll come back again before too long.

My day, though, in Manhattan was not yet over. From lunch I took the subway up to the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center. Sunday was the first day for subscribers to exchange subscription tickets for other performances, and that’s what I did – trading in a ticket for Richard Strauss’ Elektra for a performance of Puccini’s La Boheme with opera’s current hottie, Anna Netrebko, starring as Mimi. The transaction cost me five dollars, but getting Puccini for Strauss is well worth it.

From there it was back to the subway to head to the International Center of Photography to see its Richard Avedon exhibition – the first museum show of Avedon’s work, I read, in over 30 years. Avedon was a great fashion photographer and this show included many of his classic images. (You can see some of them posted below here.) I’ve seen Avedon’s work before, but what struck me this time was how he wasn’t afraid to make some prints so contrasty looking that the model’s face would turn into almost a white mask, punctuated only by the prominent features of the face.

I finished off the day by returning to B&H to get some materials to allow me to do something photographic that I haven’t done in several years. Stay tuned here to find out if I actually do it.

Until then, be well, everyone.

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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2 Responses to Big T in the Big Apple!

  1. TLNeasley says:

    Had a marvelous time, my friend. I can not wait to get back there. I could spend a week in Central Park alone!Thanks for the being so cool, my man. Shwu Huoy was appreciative of you as well.

  2. Great to see you and Big T! And thank you for the Avedon pictures, although I always feel (more than usually) insignificant when I see his work. What he could do with a skinny model in a sack dress is just phenomenal!

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