Getting Back to Normal

The two and a half week visit of my family here ended yesterday when my mom returned home. It was very good, of course, to have everyone here together, but I had to put my life on hold to a great extent for that time and it’s nice to get back to some normalcy. (I still have a lot of paperwork and mail to go through that piled up during that time.)

Certainly, I wasn’t able to get much photo work done, though I was able to buy some new black picture frames to put up on the wall here in my apartment. I needed to buy some black frames with wide fronts in order to meet the exhibition requirements for the Artful Nude show in Colorado this summer, and after seeing them, I decided to switch to this type of frame, rather than the thin silver ones I have now. When everything is done, I should have a total of 13 framed photos on display – both my own photos and those in my collection.

As you can see from the photos posted, the new frames are still on the floor, waiting to be hung up. I just need to (carefully!) hammer some nails into the wall, something I may try to do tomorrow. I went to the framing store near my office today to get some more frames for Phase 2 of the project, but it was out of the sizes I wanted, so Phase 2 will have to wait.

Seeing a lot of my photos together like this – all of them silver gelatin prints that I made myself – reminds me again of what the ultimate goal of my photography is: to make beautiful fine art prints for people to see (even if the “people” is only me!). I haven’t done any printing in quite some time, for a number of different reasons, but I’m hoping to get back to it before too long. For the past few years, I’ve fallen into the trap of just scanning my film and posting the images on the internet. That has got to end. An image seen on a computer monitor is not a work of art, but merely a reproduction – a shadow – of one. While I do plan to continue scanning and posting, in no way does it – or should it – replace making an actual fine print.


On the subject of fine prints, I want to remind people that the Photo Review Benefit Auction is this coming Saturday night in Philadelphia. I’m planning to attend as I usually do. As I’ve written before, one of my photos will be up for sale. (I’ve posted the image here. Click here for more info.) Benefit auctions are places where one can typically buy artwork for much less than the normal price, so if any reader would like to get an actual Dave Rudin fine art print at a discount price, go ahead and make a bid.

Of course, there are many other photos available in the auction, and I hope to return home with a few of them. Things may be difficult now, but that also makes it a buyer’s market, so take a look and see if you find something you like. The online catalog and bidding instructions can be found by clicking here.


Finally, I wrote this posting on Monday, but it’s now past midnight, so it is now Election Day here in the United States. If you hadn’t read it before, I am voting for Barack Obama. I might have given John McCain some strong consideration in the past for his political independence, but now he’s become just another Republican. His running mate, Sarah Palin, with her small town against the big city mentality (only small town folks are real Americans, ya know) sickens me even more. Let’s hope that people come out and vote for Barack, that all of those people will be allowed to vote and that all of those votes will be counted. Eight years of Bush and Cheney has been disastrous enough for this country. We can’t take another four years of those same policies.

(And hopefully, after today, I can stick to writing about photography and the like.)

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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2 Responses to Getting Back to Normal

  1. Thom says:

    Dave, I agree with your comments re: print presentation and of course about the election of a new President. You can go around with a small photo viewer to show but it does not have the emotional impact of a fine print!

  2. I once admired John McCain, too, and even quoted a New Yorker article about him in one of my books. Your last section is eloquent. Everything you said is absolutely true and well said.

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