Cambodian Wedding

I haven’t made a posting for nearly a week, as I’ve been busy 1) trying to get my apartment straightened up, and 2) waiting for back to feel 100% again. (I’m still waiting, though it does feel better now.)

As for this weekend, I’ve been doing things like shopping, laundry, watching the Mets beat the Yankees, etc. I had thought of getting back to filing more of my Tibet photos, but I think I’ll wait a bit longer for my back to get better before tackling that again. I was thinking of trying to get back to exercising by walking the stairs in my building again today (and I may still be able to do it), but I do have a lot of other stuff to do around here, including finally filling out the paperwork and prepping the photos for the Artful Nude exhibit in Colorado this summer.

I haven’t posted any travel photos for a while, and none from Cambodia since I returned from there a couple of months ago, so today will be the day that I do. Rather than putting up some photos taken across Cambodia in general, today’s images are from something specific.

The afternoon that my group visited the great temple of Angkor Wat (just one of many places in the overall Angkor area, by the way), we encountered a wedding party that was leaving the temple as we were departing, too. I don’t know if the wedding ceremony was actually held at the temple or if they just went there to have some photos taken. Either way, it was an interesting thing to see.

Cambodia is a very poor country, but it would seem that if people can afford to splurge for something important like a wedding, they do it. The bride was decked out in white with a lot of jewelry (though perhaps a bit too much makeup). The groom and his men were wearing bright white suits. The bridesmaids were wearing white and green and they all appeared to be having a ball, laughing amongst themselves and with others. (I even got one to pose with me for one of my arm’s length self-portraits – though her attention is obviously focused elsewhere!) The bride, on the other hand, seemed very serious the whole time.

I managed to get just one photo of the wedding party with my film camera (as I had just one shot left on the roll and no time to re-load), but I was able to get a few with my little digital camera. I think the best of the photos was the last one that I took, which is the one posted at the top – the bride and groom about to get into their car.

However, I have to say that my personal favorite photo of the bunch was the one I made next to last and that’s posted at the bottom here: the newly minted husband giving his bejeweled bride a drink from a bottle of water. In a place as hot as Cambodia, even brides need to make sure they stay hydrated!

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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