Future Thoughts

I’ve decided to do a post with some more nudes today, so here are some photos I made in August 2006 of a model named Rachel. As well as being a good figure model, Rachel is also a highly accomplished artist, so I decided to photograph her in her home studio surrounded by her creations.

Actually, these photos were kind of difficult for both of us to do. We had just arrived at Rachel’s home in Maine following a drive of about eight hours from Canada’s Prince Edward Island, where we had spent the previous week at a workshop. I think we were both pretty much dead tired at this point, but I wanted to take some photos of Rachel with her artwork, so we just soldiered on through.

The photos here show Rachel surrounded by her artwork – pretty standard stuff, for the most part. (Like I said, we were both kind of out of it – and I still had to get in my car and drive another hour or so to get to my hotel.) Besides these photos, though, I also tried to do some more creative work involving Rachel and her artwork. I’ll be posting some of those images in figure entries here.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

One of the reasons I’m posting these photos now is that I’m thinking over how to spend my vacation time for the rest of the year. Typically for me, I’ve just returned from one trip and immediately I begin to plan the next one (and the one after that, etc.). Being that I’m interested in seeing more of Asia, I was pretty sure that I’d try to go on a trip to Lakakh this summer. Ladakh is a Himalayan region of northern India where most people practice Tibetan Buddhism, and I think it will be an interesting follow-up to my trip to Tibet last year. Plus, I’ve never been to India.

Still, I find myself getting caught up in the dichotomy of being someone who photographs both foreign lands and nudes. Given that I have only so much vacation time, how should I use that time? Like I said, I was pretty set on India, but now I’m beginning to waver.

My recent trip to Southeast Asia followed up on my trip to Tibet in August of last year. That’s two trips to Asia in a little over half a year. On the other hand, I have not photographed any nudes since July, so I’m thinking that it’s time to let the pendulum swing the other way for a while.

One of the things I’m considering strongly is a road trip back to maritime Canada – Nova Scotia, to be more specific. There’s an excellent photographer of nudes up there named Eric Boutillier-Brown and I’ve been hoping to get up there to meet him and do some photography. I wrote to him recently and he responded very positively. Another reason for a trip that way is that I should have the chance to work with Rachel again as I pass through Maine.

I’ve also been in touch with Sarah Ellis, who has got to be one of my all-time favorite models to work with. She’ll be in San Francisco until the end of June and she suggested I go out there to work with her. She said she knows lots of good locations – so why not? I’ve not been to San Francisco since 1999, so this would be a good opportunity for a return visit. Maybe I can combine it with a few days in the Los Angeles area to meet up with some people I know down there. I’m also trying to arrange a photo shoot with an LA model who interests me.

Otherwise, it looks like I may finally have my chance to work with Carlotta Champagne once again when she’s here in New York next week, so the ‘nude drought’ may be coming to an end. The other thing I want to do is to attend the Community Zoe fine art nude photographer and model get-together in September near Palm Springs in September. If I do get to go on all of these trips I’m considering, by the time 2009 rolls around I should really be hankering to get back to Asia again!

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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  1. TLNeasley says:

    Looking forward to seeing some of your new nudes, Dave. One of these days I am going to pick up and join you on the road.

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