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I’m tired. There’s no way around it, so I’ll say it again.

I’m tired.

Coming back from a trip to China takes a while to get over the jet lag. Someone told me recently that it takes one day to overcome each hour of time difference one’s dealing with, and since China is 12 hours from New York, I still have several days more to get over it. Adding to that the fact that my job requires me to walk around in the hot sun most of the day and that I haven’t been sleeping well, it’s no surprise that my eyelids often feel like lead. Thank goodness for the long Labor Day weekend coming up.

One thing I managed to do today was to pick up some prints I ordered from Adorama in its recent 11 x 14 inch print sale. I ordered a bunch of prints from my trip to Tibet, made with my new Canon compact digital camera, and also some nudes made with the same camera on my recent trip to Ohio and California. The Tibet photos look decent, but the skin coloring on some of the nudes seemed a bit off. (This was probably my fault more than the lab’s, as I’m used to dealing with nudes in B&W and not in color.)

The photo at top shows the beautiful Sarah Ellis at a farm in Ohio, and the next one shows lovely Betcee May in my hotel room in California (our location for the shoot for lack of a better one). It’s going to be a while until I can develop the BW film from these photo sessions, so I thought I’d print up a few from the little digicam (inferior as it may be to film) just to see something.

I also scanned some photos recently as I ordered a 5×7 book from Kodak, and I’m including one of those newly scanned images – a photo of the big Kat made at Joshua Tree National Park in October 2004 during the Community Zoe get-together for that year.

One other thing about printed matter: I expect a number of my photos to be published in a new magazine dedicated to BW fine art nude photography. The magazine is titled Carrie Leigh’s Nude: The Art of Women ( and the editor has told me that eight pages of my photos are included. I believe that this first issue of the magazine will hit newsstands and bookstores like Borders on September 4 or 5.

I think that some photographers included submitted work in hope of being selected, but the editors actually asked me to take part in the initial issue, so I feel flattered by that. All things indicate that the magazine has been produced with very high quality, so I’ll let you know when I finally get my hands on a copy next week.

[8/31/07 – NOTE: Please read the comment below by Stan Malinowski, the noted fashion and glamour photographer. He writes that he has seen the magazine and that it looks fantastic, with a four color print process and high quality paper. Carrie Leigh, the publisher, also writes about it on the magazine’s website. I also see that the website now lists the premiere date as September 14, so please be patient a bit longer.]

Well, I guess I should finish this so I can try to get some sleep tonight. Just one more day until the weekend! (Unfortunately, I tried to use my car tonight and it seems to be dead, so that’s another headache to have to deal with. It never stops, does it?)

About Dave Rudin

Dave Rudin is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in art nude and travel photography, using black & white film and making silver gelatin prints in a darkroom.
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1 Response to In Print

  1. Malinowski says:

    Dave,I just received my copy of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE, and find it to be an astoundingly gorgeous magazine (or should I say book)!Your work is beautifully presented (as four-color black and white) in the company of some excellent photographers and a wonderful artist.Congratulations!Stan Malinowski

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